Hwy 55

How about lunch or dinner at Hwy 55?

The Hwy 55 restaurant in Indian Land has informed us of an awesome opportunity they are extending to our church.  They will make a donation to HGC for simply turning in customer receipts.  Here’s how this works; When you eat at Hwy 55 (any time or any day) save your receipts and turn them in to us by placing them in the offering basket on Sundays or dropping them off at our office during normal business hours.  We will return these receipts to Hwy 55 and they will donate back to us a percentage of the amount on those receipts.  It’s that simple!  This gives Hwy 55 the chance to make a difference in the Kingdom of God and us the chance to support a business that wants to give back to their local church.

HWY 55 Indian Land